Yellow Lace Top and Skirt

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* Bustier and pencil skirt in lace
* Low shoulder sleeves
* Tying system at the back
* Satin lined

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Bustier and pencil skirt set in lace fabric with low sleeve detail. The rope detail closure system on the back of the bustier can be adjusted as desired. In the bustier : you can adjust it as you wish with the low shoulder sleeve detail , the rope tying system on the back . In the suits, M and L sizes are standard cut, and S size is produced as a narrow Italian cut. Sets are satin lined without LYCRA.
It is produced in a limited number and the delivery time varies between 5-8 days depending on the city you are in. Our delivery time for your overseas orders is between 8-10 days.



S, M, L


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Yellow Lace Top and Skirt

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